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Potato Masher Stainless

Potato Masher Stainless

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Achieve creamy mashes and smooth purees without the unwanted lumps using the Zyliss Quick Masher. This masher is designed with a heavy-duty mashing head and stable handle so you can mash your fruits and vegetables with ease. Whether youre having cauliflower mash for dinner or making guacamole for a party, the Zyliss Quick Masher is sure to give you superb results.

Key Features:

  • Made with a strong stainless steel masher for stability and durability
  • Heavy-duty design allows effortless mashing and frequent reuse
  • Mashing holes on the head ensures fine and lump-free mashed foods
  • Large handle with thumb grip allows better control and comfort when mashing
  • Hole at the end of the handle makes the masher easy to hang and store
  • Ideal for mashing potatoes, pumpkins, avocados, and other similar vegetables
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