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EuroScrubby Cloth

EuroScrubby Cloth

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This multi-purpose scrubby is a game changing cleaning cloth. It’s made from natural cotton with a special coating that helps scrub off dirt and grime from surfaces. Discover the cleaning power of Euroscrubby and take the hard work out of home cleaning tasks.

  • Multipurpose and non-toxic cotton cloth ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces without scratching
  • Reusable cleaning cloth that is also easy to wash and clean
  • Safe for cleaning non-stick or stainless steel cookware, wiping glass or ceramic cooktops, or scrubbing dirt out of root vegetables
  • Ideal for smooth bathroom surfaces like porcelain, marble, tile, and glass
  • Perfect for cleaning your dishes, bathroom, furniture, boats, cars, pools, garden tools, and camping gear

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